Mandated Nursing Staffing ratios

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Review the debate format posted in the materials section of this assignment.

Use the power of persuasion and evidence to thoroughly convince your audience. Imagine a congressional debate in which our representatives focus on finding the most optimal solution and not become entrenched in ideology.

Include a broad perspective to appeal to multiple stakeholders including HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, small and large businesses, Leapfrog, AARP, the American Association of Health Plans, and so forth.

Research an overview of the bill, policy, or solution which must include the following:
� The rationale for the bill, why is it important to implement?
� Who are the advocates for the bill, policy or solution and why are they advocates?
� Who opposes the bill, policy or solution and why is there opposition?
� Impact on costs, quality, safety, satisfaction, long term viability and access to health care, for the patient, organization, and profession if applicable.
� What are the expected, reasonable, short-term and long-term outcomes if implemented?
� Should this bill, policy or solution be supported?
Hold a class vote to determine if the bill, policy or reccomendation should be approved once all information has been presented.

NOTE: Our debate will be on “Mandated Nursing Staffing Ratios” due to nursing shortage.

– You can format it in an outline with bullets or use narration with APA. and please “cite”

– Please follow the rubric, particularly where it states ” why this solution needs to be implemented” and “why is there opposition to the solution.” In better terms, “Pros and Cons.”

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