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John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath
Your complete submission answer should be at least 300 words. Be sure to include the final word count at the end of your assignment. Also, make sure that you follow the correct rules for punctuating dialogue. If you need a reminder of punctuation rules for dialogue, please visit this page.

Write a scene consisting of dialogue between the members of the Joad family. Choose a fictional scenario. Try to demonstrate how you think each of the characters will act and speak in the given situation.
The scenario can either be set in the Depression, as an additional scene that could have taken place in the book, OR can be set in modern times (imagine if the Joads suddenly found themselves in the 21st century!) Be creative!
You must choose one of these:
o The movies
o A restaurant
o An amusement park
o An airplane

I prefer:
o A funeral

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