Lesson on Sustainability in Marketing

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Sustainability in Marketing



It is highly desirable to students of Business and Societyclass to learn about Sustainability in Marketing. This assignment is designed for students learn the topic through library research.



  1. Each student will access the online resources, and collect 3 articles of the following category.
  • Topic- Sustainability in Marketing, related topic
  • Published in a peer reviewed scholarly journal
  • Article should have a minimum of 10 pages
  • Published after 2008


  1. Using the information from the articles and any additional references, preparean article of yours in 2 pages, approximately 600 words, with reference and citations
  2. Submit the hard copy of the3 journal articlesto the faculty.


Note:1. Without the original article submitted, the summary will not be graded.

  1. Submissions with more than more than 20% plagiarism will not be graded.

Late submission policy: Up to one week late- grading out of 80%, more than one week late- no grades.



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