Judges versus Legislators: A Study on Attitudes Towards Judicial and Legislative Policy Creation.

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A study on how judicial and legislative policies affect peoples attitudes towards public policy. In other words, would people accept a policy easier/faster if it came from a legislature or if it came from a court opinion. So I could ask, assuming you disagree with a policy, would you be more inclined to see its reasoning/rationale/need if it came from a court opinion or if it came from a legislative body and signed by an executive? Assume you AGREE with a policy, which would you feel more confident in its applicability and implementation if it was enacted via legislation or via judicial policy making? What do you have more faith in, our judiciary or our legislative branch? What public policies have impacted your life for the better? (I would list say 10 public policies each enacted by both legislature and by judicial opinion). Which of the two do you feel has created policy that has your best interests in mind? etc etc etc.

The Dissertation Premise consists of four parts: title, problem statement, approach for the study, and references. An annotated outline is included in this guide and can be used to create your premise document. You will also find a sample premise herein to serve as a guide for your

Your primary goal for the premise is to narrow your dissertation topic such that you have provided a general sense of the direction of your research. At this point, you do not need to know
everything about the research project, especially the details of your methodology.

Your document should follow APA sixth-edition guidelines and should be saved in either a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file format. When completed, please follow the submission guidelines for your
program. You may also want to review the Litmus Test for a Doctoral-Level Research Problem at the end of this guide.



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