"Iterations: John Ronan's Poetry Foundation"

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Write an overview of the AIC exhibition, “Iterations: John Ronan’s Poetry Foundation”

Your written response should be no less than 1,250 words (about five pages, before adding photos).

In your analysis, please explain:

Who is John Ronan? Give a brief overview of his work.

Why is Ronan notable? What is unususal or distinctive about his portfolio? What other projects has he designed, and why are they important?

What is distinctive about the way that Ronan represented the Poetry Foundation in drawings and models? Why do you think he depicted the architecture this way? How does it reflect a way of seeing (reference John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’)?

What impact does the designer’s work have on the people who

use it: poets, administrators, visitors?

Include information about the materials, design aesthetic, and function of the Poetry Foundation.

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