IT project Accounting

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IT Project
Instructions to students

This project aims at improving student�s skills that are related to understanding, preparing and analyzing financial statements.

According to this project, the student will be responsible to copy the income statement and the balance sheet (for two years, 2013 and 2014) from the annual report into an Excel sheet.

Student will act as a credit manager in a bank and has to decide whether to grant the selected company a loan or not based on the evaluation of the financial statements of the selected company using ratio analysis (debt ratio and current ratio ONLY) for the current and last year.

This project is based on the philosophy of e-tables (Excel), so students have to use formulas (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) to build each financial statement and to link the cells to each other when necessary. Submission without using formulas and linking cells in the Excel sheet will lose some marks.

This is an individual assignment and every student should work alone. You can get the annual report from the company�s website, Stock exchange website, or any other website but you MUST cite the source of your information (reference).

You can find the financial statement here . The company assigned to me is �THE INVESTORS� you will need to download the annual financial statement for (2013,and 2014)
The company is �The Investors�

The total marks assigned for this project is 10 marks. Project marks will distributed as follows:
Income statement- 3marks
Balance sheet- 3 marks
Financial ratios and the credit decision making- 2 marks
Using formulas and linking cells in the Excel sheet- 2 marks

The submission of this project (ONLY Excel sheet) should be done via the Blackboard through the Turnitin link and similarity test will run after your submission. Assignments wit high level of similarity will be downgraded.

The deadline to submit this project is MONDAY 14 December

Attached to these instructions an Excel sheet that you can use as an example for this project.
Just ignore whats written in Arabic anyways the instruction above is clear. You should have 3 tabs in the excel.


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