Islam video review

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PBS film Islam: Empire of Faith (Part 1&2 links below) depicts Islam in broadest sense as a belief system with ritual plus a civilization with all its social, political, and economic constituent elements.
Write a review of this film addressing the 6 questions below:
(1) Does the film depict Islam accurately? Explain.
(2) Does it have the potential to undo misunderstandings and prejudices about Islam that exist in American society today? In what way?
(3) Has the film enriched your knowledge of and understanding about Islam in a way that the readings did not? If so, how?
(4) What material does the film provide for comparing Islam and Christianity?
(5) Does it show linkages between Islam and contemporary Western civilization?
(6) How do you evaluate the film as a viewing experience – i.e., challenging, interesting, surprising? Express reactions in your review.


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