Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication

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Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication


This assignment requires that you use course readings and research outside of the course. You are to write a Research/Argumentative essay on the following topic:


How has computer mediated communication, like in the use of Twitter, Skype, Face-time, Facebook and other forms of social media, indirectly and/or directly affected interpersonal and intercultural communication?


You must also do the following:

  • Develop a clear and concise thesis that will be argued and proven throughout thelength of your essay.
  • You must research and use at least fivedifferent sources,two of which were not covered during class and provide support for your argument from readings and discussions within class.
  • Organize your essay into coherent paragraphs, where each paragraphs discusses one main idea.
  • Use specific interpersonal and intercultural examples to support your points.
  • Your essay must be taken to the writing center for proofing before finally being submitted.
  • When being submitted, you must hand in the 1) Final Draft, 2) Rough Draft.


This is the titles we took it in the course:



1- Cultural Patterns

2- Perception and Personal Identity

3- Social Episodes and contexts

4- The World of Words

5- The World Beyond Words

6- Cultural Identity and Biases



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