International sale of goods

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Part 1

On 23 January 2015 “Barney Ltd” contracted to purchase from “Sophia Ltd”

30,000 mt (5% more or less) of Greek organic extra virgin olive oil, max.

moisture 0.25%, on CIF terms. The agreed price was USD 30,000 per mt. The

contract contained the following clauses:

DESCRIPTION: Greek organic extra virgin olive oil

QUANTITY: 30,000 mt (5% more or less)

QUALITY: Max. Moisture 0.25% Moisture and weight shall be final and

binding on both parties at time and place of shipment as per certificate issued by

a first class independent SGS Surveyor at sellers’ option… sample shall be taken

TIME OF SHIPMENT: 10-12 February 2015

PLACE OF SHIPMENT: Piraeus (Greece)


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