integrated marketing communication campaign proposal

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This proposal need the combination of pictures and words. But we also need more words. And we need catalog for the proposal. And actually we do not need PPT for that proposal, we need PDF format so that we can print it out like a magazine. So can we change it to the PDF format with colorful pictures and words?
Assignment: You individually (or with no more than two other partners in the class) will create an integrated marketing communication campaign proposal for the introduction of a new product brand extension: Aqua Velva Body Wash for Men.
The Problem: Aqua Velva is launching a new product, a brand extension—Aqua Velva Body Wash for Men. The chief marketing officer and the advertising director at Aqua Velva are providing wide creative latitude to the advertising agency—you—to position this new brand to a target audience that will be most receptive to try the new body wash from Aqua Velva. So, you are beginning with a blank sheet of paper. Competitors Axe, Old Spice, and Dove have already successfully positioned themselves in the market of male body wash personal care products. Aqua Velva must find a unique, new position in the market that is truly differentiating with brand benefits and promises directed to a new group of consumers. You will select and identify the best target audience for introducing the new product.
Communication Objectives: 1) Announce the launch of a new Aqua Velva brand—Aqua Velva Body Wash for Men– with a new identifiable target audience; and 2) promote trial purchase of the brand to this new target audience.
Marketing Objective: Gain 10 % market share of men’s body wash personal care product category in 18 months.
The assignment requirements to be completed are as follows:
1) Situation Analysis: This is a one to two-page overview of the assignment, the succinct history of the product category and the brand’s development, and the objectives you are trying to accomplish. Use the template provided in the assignment. 15 points

2) Consumer Profile: This part of the assignment, one page, identifies and pinpoints the target audience. You will write a profile of the ideal consumer for this brand identifying their needs and wants demographically and psychographically. This is the target audience to whom the advertising and promotion is directed. 20 points

3) Brand Strategy Statement: This is a fully developed sentence or two that concisely details the benefits of the brand to the consumer and why the target audience should select the brand. 15 points

4) Creative Brief: Write a Creative Brief based on the template provided in the assignment. The Creative Brief is the document usually write by the account planner in the ad agency that is the blueprint and creative direction for the development of the ‘big idea” of the campaign. 20 points

5) TV: Develop a :30 second TV commercial with a storyboard and script for national TV broadcast. This video may also be used in digital media online or on YouTube. 20 points.

6) Social Media: Develop a social media campaign using at least two social media in addition to Facebook—a total of three social media platforms; you do not need to use Facebook. Your proposal for the social media campaign will be two-pages, and include 1) objective of the campaign; 2) the strategy (how the social media platforms used will accomplish the objective); and 3) tactics of each social media describing and illustrating visually how each will function and work. 20 points

7) Promotional Event: Create an event or a sales promotion that may be linked to the TV campaign and/or the social media campaign. This may be a contest, event, in-store retailing or couponing providing pricing discounts for consumers to try the product. 20 points

8) Plan Book: Items 1-7 above will be placed in a hard copy binder that may be a three ring binder, or spiral binding, or saddle-stitched that is the final product delivered to the Aqua Velva client. No loose pages, unbound, or stapled papers will be accepted. The cover page (page 1) of the binder will include all student team member names, if applicable. Page 2 will be an Executive Summary of the campaign that provides the strategy and rationale for how the proposed campaign meets the communication and marketing objectives of the client. The remaining pages will include items 1-7 with a brief description of each item and its purpose within the campaign.
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