Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China

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�Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China� is the first major exhibition of Chinese contemporary art ever mounted by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The show is comprised of approximately seventy works of art created over the last three decades by thirty-five artists in various media, including paintings, calligraphy, photographs, woodblock prints, video, and sculpture. The works on view are organized thematically into four parts: 1) The Written Word, 2) New Landscapes, 3) Abstraction, and 4) Beyond the Brush.

Ink has been the principal medium of painting and calligraphy in China for more than two thousand years. The exhibition �Ink Art� examines how Chinese artists from the 1980s to the present have referenced and altered traditional Chinese art traditions by challenging and subverting their sources.

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Choose three artists from the show. Compare their works on view at the Met, finding similarities and differences between their subjects, themes, and composition. In the school library and at home, research the three artists and the period(s) in which their works were made. Find out about their philosophy and their careers. Compare and contrast the artists and their work.

Writing Guidelines:

(1) Discuss your chosen work(s) in terms of size, medium, and composition.

(2) Discuss when the work was made. Consider time period, style, and current events.

(3) For �Ink Art,� compare and contrast your chosen works in depth.

(4) Avoid mystification. Be clear and straightforward. Use your own words or cite your quotations using footnotes

the three artists and pieces picked are***

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