impact of ICT on student learning

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You have been asked by the Zayed University administration to write a shortreport discussing the impact of ICT on student learning at Zayed University.

The Process and Resources

Research Question – How has information communications technology (ICT) changed the way students learn at Zayed University?

Step 1-In the first part of the WebQuest you will explore Webpages that discuss the impact of ICT on Education.

Background Research

  1. Use the links below and any others you may find, to answer the basic questions of Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?ICT has had an impact on education.


  1. Make a note of any relevant information you find and copy the sections that you feel will be relevant to your reportand paste them into your Word document.


  1. Remember to copy/paste the URL of the files you use, so you can quickly refer back tothem if you need to prove your point. (It is also a copyright requirement to reference all the sources used).

The research materials are to be saved in Word document, which you will name ‘The Impact of ICT onEducation_Research’. Make sure to save the document onto your desktop and when you have finished submit the Word document to the assignments folder on Edmodo.

Useful Sources of Information

  1. ICT in Education
  2. Technology and Its Impact on Society and Culture
  3. What is the future of technology in education?
  4. How has ICT changed our classrooms?



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