Hyacinthe Rigaud, Jean Le Juge and His Family

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– Visual analysis

– Write a descriptive and analytic essay on how that painting works in visual terms

-the paining is ” Jean Le Juge and His Family” by Hyacinthe Rigaud ** I uploaded a photo of the painting

– You should start off by summarizing the �story� being presented in the artwork. What is happening? What�s the point of the painting? You should then discuss several factors, asking how each of them does (or does not) contribute to the narrative (the storyline) and the emotional points being made by the painting.

– (1) What do you see? (2) How does the painting use different elements to direct your vision? (3) Why does the painting use these elements in these ways?

– These factors include: the size of the painting; use of detail; use of colour; use (or non-use) of depth or perspective; use of light; use of paint (thick, or smooth?); use of physical gestures and other types of movement within the painting; and use of the characters� looks and glances. How do the above-mentioned factors help determine where your eye looks first, and how it subsequently moves around the rest of the painting? Do they contribute to an overall mood that is appropriate to the story the painting is trying to tell? Do they clarify the painting�s narrative, or do they confuse it � or do they perhaps seem irrelevant to it?

– (you may need to do some basic research on the theme if it is unfamiliar to you)

Your essay will be evaluated on how well you:

-Describe and analyze the artwork and your reaction to it;

-Make a coherent, convincing argument; and

-Present your work in a clearly organized and well-written text.

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