How to mentor a student to put a Indwelling urinary Catheter

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Project description
FLAP Assessment:
The route is assessed through a portfolio of evidence related to the professional specific mentorship standards for example the NMC Standards to support learning and assessment in practice (SLAiP) (2008) and:
1.One 500 word lesson plan linked to an assessment in your work place
2.One essay equivalent to the (500+1500) 2000 word submission.

Please read in conjunction with HAS descriptors at the appropriate level of submission

To be recognised as contributing credit to an award in the modular programme, your accredited learning evidence must be capable of demonstrating;
HAS Descriptors
Level 3:
100-90%ExceptionalExceptional scholarship for the subject. Creative and original insight into theoretical issues. Exemplary
89-80%OutstandingOutstanding knowledge and sustained argument and critical evaluation. Mature analysis. Clear evidence of independent thought; Convincing synthesis of a range of appropriate sources. Excellent referencing. Evidence of use of new sources and approaches.
79-70%ExcellentKnowledge and understanding is comprehensive in both breadth and depth. Strong ability to critically appreciate concepts. Evidence of independent thought. Presentation is fluent and focussed; use of a wide range of evidence; Clear and well presented discussion. Excellent referencing.
69-60%Very GoodComprehensive in content and well organised argument but evaluation and analysis of ideas could be further developed. Clear evidence of appropriate reading with evidence of having drawn on reading from beyond the course material. Good accurate referencing. Ability to relate theory and concepts to discussion. Content always relevant and well focussed.
59-50%GoodSound comprehension of knowledge base. Reasoning and argument generally relevant but could be further developed. Critical evaluation is apparent but ability to conceptualise and/or apply theory could be strengthened with greater focus and more in-depth analysis. Good evidence of reading. Appropriately referenced.
49-40%PassMeets the relevant learning outcomes but mostly descriptive. Some basic evaluation but analysis is not very well developed and could be strengthened. Some misunderstanding of key principles and concepts. Evidence of appropriate structure but not always well sequenced. Evidence of some reading but limited. Presentation and focus may need improving
39-30%Marginal FailSome evidence of effort but missing some essential aspects. For example, may be lacking in evidence of understanding, focus and structure. Likely to have limited discussion with some lack of relevance. Presentation may need to be improved. Likely to show insufficient evidence of reading;
29-20%A Limited Piece of WorkSome material presented but generally unsatisfactory with some irrelevant or incorrect material. Lack of discussion. Likely to show insufficient evidence of reading; Likely to be incomplete.
19- 0%A Very Limited Piece of WorkSignificant deficiencies; Likely to have insufficient, irrelevant or incorrect material.

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