How others see me

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You will use the communication concepts from the class regarding your personal communication to write an essay about your identity. This essay will use information from your “How Others See Me” research forms and concepts from the class that we have discussed and examined to this point in the quarter. How is your personal culture manifested in your everyday communication? You must be present in class to turn in your paper.

When you have received all the questionnaires back from your respondents, write a 5-7 page typed essay using terms and theories from our textbook which addresses the issues below. You will clearly demonstrate knowledge of course materials by incorporating reading material from the textbook making a clear connection between how you see yourself, how others see you (using evidence from the questionnaires) , and your communication behavior using the material from the course to analyze your communication. Include the questionnaires with your paper. Define and identify concepts from our text and course!

You will provide information in your essay from your “How Others See Me” forms, at least one self report that we have done in class (Self-Monitoring for example) and clearly connect these to at least concepts from the textbook.
In your research forms: what similarities did you find between feedback forms?

What trends did you find across the board from one person to the next? Between your responses and the responses of the other people?

What differences did you find between the responses? How do you account for these differences? (does the text address any of this?)

What surprises did you find? Why were they a surprise?
What specific comments most intrigued you? Why?
What are your general reactions/feelings to what the respondents had to say about you?
What did you learn about yourself and/or these relationships? Use social comparison and reflected appraisal

Have the responses encouraged you to change your communication behavior in any way?
You will support all claims regarding your communication/culture with evidence in the form of your behavior or patterns of communication that you describe in detail.

You will provide clear definitions, explanations of communication/culture concepts, definitions, or theories with necessary citations.

You will write an organized essay that has identifiable paragraph order, transition sentences, and topic sentences in first person voice for a general audience.
You will write a solid conclusion that ties up your essay and connects with the introductory paragraph.

Articulate which of Shoreline’s learning outcomes you used in this essay process.
You will use the APA style sheet for citations and references and your paper will be double-spaced, spell and grammar checked, using a 12 point font of your choice.


1. All forms are turned in with the essay on time. Essay is 5-7 pages and organized in a clear succinct style and uses APA for citations, margins, double-spaced, spell, grammar checked, 12pt Times New Roman font. Written in 1st person (I, Me, My).

_________ 10 pts

2. Contains at least five references to interpersonal concepts regarding self-concept and communication discussed in the text, assigned readings and/or lecture notes and correctly uses these concepts with personal examples (you can use your self-assessment quizzes in this area).

_________ 10 pts.

3. Clearly states similarities & differences discovered between the forms. Uses course terms to describe: observable trends in feedback from one person to the next; and comparisons between your responses and the responses of the other people. Your analysis clearly accounts for and explains what you think are the reasons for those differences

_________10 pts.

4. Clearly states self discoveries from the assessment feedback results and demonstrates critical self-analysis. Your general reactions/feelings to what the respondents had to say about your communication behavior were articulated in detail and connected to your identity.

________10 pts.

5. Discusses the impact on your self-concept and your relationships. If there is “no impact” reason for no impact is discussed using terms and concepts from the text or class notes.

________10 pts.

6. Thoughtfully explains the part that “reflected appraisal” and “social comparison” played in your analysis of your self-concept

_________10 pts

7. Clearly articulates claims regarding your communication regarding your perceived self and your presenting self with detailed evidence in the form of your behavior or patterns of communication that you describe in detail. _________10 pts.

8. Uses the CREE organizational process for presenting all of your ideas. Next to last or last paragraph articulates your use of Shoreline Learning Outcomes (these are located on your syllabus)

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