how can english teachers meet the challenge of creating a leaner-centre, communicative, intercultural classroom to achieve optimal student learning outcomes.

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the essay could be structured to comprise three brief literature reviews on the topic of
(I) autonomous learning, (ii) communicative language teaching (CLT), and (iii) intercultural language learning. you need to include your reflection on learning and/ or teaching in the classroom context with reference to theory and research on language, language teaching and learning in your overview. discussion of strategies for effective language teaching and learner skills development should also be included. you may just focus on one macro skill (e.g. listening or writing) if you choose so.
You may structure your essay along these lines:
1. an introduction settings out the issue(s) to be examined, the general approach and the way your essay proceeds (is structured),
2. an overview of research on the related topics and links with your argument,
3. reflections on learning and/ or teaching in your local context,
4. examples to illustrated your points,
5. strategies for the teaching and learning of specific macro skills to facilitate learner centred, communicative and intercultural language learning.
6. conclusion
7. a full reference list

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