How a germ killer could backfire

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Your entry should clearly describe the discovery in your own words. It CAN NOT be a cut and paste from a web site, and you should NOT use quotations from the article.

You must choose and motivate as to why you picked this particular discovery, and why you found it to be the most important science discovery in the news during the particular week. Each weekly assignment is worth 10 points, and you need to make sure you explain the discovery clearly and that your motivations and comments are well thought out.

Example of journal entry:
25 primate species reported on brink of extinction
Over half of the world’s 633 types of primates are in danger of becoming extinct and 25 of them are very close to being lost forever. Lemurs, in particular, are at extreme risk. They are found on the large island of Madagascar, where habitat destruction and illegal hunting has increased a lot since 2009, after a change in leadership of the country and resulting political turmoil. One lemur species, the northern sportive lemur, has only 19 individuals left in the wild.
Actually conservation efforts can be very successful, and no primate has apparently become extinct during the 20th century, or yet in this century. Still, the world’s urban population is expected to double between 2000-2030 with a three-fold increase in the total size of urban areas, which will even further severely increase the impact on wildlife.
I choose this topic since extinction is forever, and there are a huge number of benefits from having biodiversity, from climate effects to human health. The historical and scientific evidence is clearly there and we have an absolute obligation to safeguard the resources and biodiversity of the earth.

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