Health Sciene and Academic Writting

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1st paper: 2 Pages 1 References Topic: Variable Operationalization(RES 500 4)
How might one operationalize the following variables: diet, physical activity, health status, and social support? Be sure to note variable type (categorical versus continuous) and/or level (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio)
2nd PAPER: 1 Page 1 References Topic: Bivariate Analysis(RES500 5)
Please give examples of variables that can be analyzed and hypotheses that can be tested using T-tests, Chi-Square, and correlation analysis.
Be sure to define the variables, their levels of measurement and the appropriate statistical test.
Example: T-test: difference between mean cholesterol levels of obese and non-obese individuals. Cholesterol level is a continuous variable, and obesity is a dichotomous variable (obesity yes/no).
Chi Square: Is there a relationship between oral contraceptive use and infertility? Both variables are dichotomous: oral contraceptive use yes/no, infertility yes/no.
Correlation: Is fiber intake inversely related to fat intake? Both fat intake and fiber intake are continuous and are expressed in grams.
3rd PAPER: 2 Pages 1 References Topic: similarities or differences (502 4)
In this module’s discussion, based on your work with the Purnell model, what would you say are the most striking similarities or differences between your African American and South Korean culture in terms of one of the following areas?
Family Roles & Organization
Workforce Issues
4th PAPER: 1 page 1 references Topic: Importance of Culture in Health Sciences(502 5)
In 2-3 paragraphs discuss how your view of culture has been impacted by this course including a discussion of:
Why is culture important in health sciences practice and research
Implications for not considering culture
5TH PAPER: 1 page and 1 references: TOPIC: Credible and Questionable(504 2)
Please identify and share with your colleagues a web-based resource you believe to be either credible or questionable, and explain why this is so. Follow up posts from others should provide further critique this resource if indicated.
6TH PAPER: 1 Page and 1 references TOPIC: Functions of Academic Writing (504 3)
Please use this forum to discuss the functions of academic writing: ( Cause and Effects) Note any challenges you had in applying these functions, and, where possible, assist one another in overcoming these.




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