Growth of tourism in UAE

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Assessment of COM 520

Country: UAE

Following are the learning outcomes (LOs) of COM 520:

  • Understand the historical development and growth of tourism.
  • Analyze tourism demand and tourist motivation.
  • Understand tourism supply, including transport, attractions and accommodation.
  • Evaluate the role of government and other agencies in tourism.
  • Analyze the role and significance of marketing communications for tourism.
  • Evaluate environmental, social and cultural impacts of tourism in developed and developing nations.
  • Analyze the likely direction of policy and practice in tourism locally and globally.


Every student enrolled in the course must show evidence that s/he is aware of the above, that s/he has a critical understanding of the concepts & theories that underpin the above, that s/he can apply the above to different contexts, including the local context. As is clear from these LOs, each student must understand, analyze and evaluate the information that s/he gets in the course.

Assessments are conducted via the following methods:

  1. Informed class discussions (meaning that class contributions should be based on the readings and personal experiences)
  2. The research paper (a matrix for paper evaluation was provided in the syllabus)
  3. The final examination (see below)



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