Grafitti: Self-Expression and Mass Communication of the Underprivileged

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Research Paper Prompt:

Graffiti: A Controversial Form of Street Art: Develop an argument about a specific graffiti style, graffiti location, or graffiti artist in terms of the social and symbolic meanings of the graffiti in question. As we have read, graffiti is controversial—it can be viewed as art, crime, political resistance, expression of class or gender identity, and more—so you should have no trouble potentially using one of these controversies to generate an argument for paper 3. Just remember to be specific—you should not take on all styles, locations, and/or creators of graffiti in one short essay.


Possible research questions:

What exactly is graffiti? Why do people use graffiti as their own form of artistic expression? What is the difference between vandalism and graffiti? What does graffiti mean to the artists or “taggers”? Why do the underprivileged use graffiti? What are they trying to communicate? Are they taking it too far? What is happening with some of these “graffiti areas”? Why do I classify some forms of graffiti as art? Why do the privileged/wealthy do graffiti?

Paper 3 requires you to identify a specific topic on your own and to do more extensive research in developing your argument: final drafts must include direct citations from at least five (5) scholarly sources, at least three of which cannot be course materials. You must include at least one course text.

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