Global Marketing

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The case study for this assignment is “Mary Kay Inc., Building a Brand in India”. The case

assignment can be found on page 189 (chapter 7) of the textbook. The discussion questions for

this case provide a framework for the case analysis. You are to respond to each questions

given the results of the secondary research you will do. The case in the textbook may or may

not represent “real” companies, however the cases includes important marketing business

decisions that companies consider in a global economy.

Then, respond to the following questions in a MS Word document. Please find, use, and cite references to support your positions here.


Is Mary Kay an “international firm”, a “multinational firm”, or a “transnational firm” as defined in this course and based on its marketing strategy? Why?

What global market-entry strategy did Mary Kay use when it entered India?

Is Mary Kay a “global brand” as defined in this course? Why or why not?


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