Global Business Strategy

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Instructions to Students for Submission Of This Coursework


You should submit a paper copy of you assignment to the SHIP (located in Stoddart Building) and an electronic copy to Turnitin (located on the Module Blackboard site) by the submission date.



Task Details



Select any one of the questions cited below and write a 3500 essay. Ensure your answer adheres to the academic conventions in terms of the use of citations, references and bibliography. Also ensure you have referred to the relevant Assessment Criteria as shown in the Module Guide.



In answering the question, you should try to achieve a well-balanced assignment in terms of the application of academic literature and inclusion of practical business / company examples. A brief introduction at the start of your essay, as well as a final conclusion, should also be included. All diagrams, figures, statistical data etc. should be cited in the Appendix section and the word count should be clearly noted at the end of the essay (i.e. immediately after the conclusion).


Your analysis should draw on the strategy and experience of a single company case study of your choice which should be explored throughout the essay.The company selected should originate from a different country that that of your home country.


Students should submit a paper copy of their assignment to SHIP by the due date. An e-copy should also be submitted to TUNITIN via the Module Blackboard centre. A word count should be included at the end of the conclusion.





Individual Assignment Questions



  1. Critically analyse the role and function of formal and informal institutions and evaluate how global companies may best respond to different regional settings in their strategy development and implementation processes.



  1. Critically discuss how successful companies can achieve global competitive advantage through creating and exploiting entirely new capabilities that go beyond those of competitors’. How should this process be managed effectively?



  1. Critically analyse the strategic motives which explain why multinational companies engage in Foreign Direct Investment and contrast the range of different methods available for this purpose.



  1. Evaluate the specific challenges facing start-up and SME companies in their desire to expand globally and discuss the extent to which you agree with the rationale of growth models such as the Uppsala model.



  1. Evaluate the process of global competitive dynamics and explain the various tactics and strategies that global companies may adopt in order to outperform their rivals.



  1. Critically analyse the leading debates concerning Corporate Social Responsibility and evaluate how global companies should adopt effective ethical strategies in their world-wide operations. 

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