Gathering concepts of ethics and law

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Assignment Description:

In this course, you learned how to write the basic news story, the advanced text story, and the online story. In this assignment, each student is required to choose a topic/issue and write about it three different stories:


  1. A basic news story
  • 5 W’s (What, Where, When, Who & Why) and How
  • Inverted Pyramid
  • 300 Words
  1. An advanced text story
  • Feature story/Opening
  • Antidote
  • 500 Words
  1. An online story
  • Hyperlinks
  • 300 Words

Please follow the below guidelines:

  • In each story, you should apply the necessary writing techniques that differentiate each type of writing.
  • Choose topics/issues that are relevant and current.
  • Language accuracy is important; check your language and proofread before you submit.
  • Use ONLY original quotations. Do NOT copy and paste them from other stories.
  • This is an individual assignment; no group work is allowed.
  • You can write in English/Arabic.


This assignment is worth 30% of the course’s total grade.

Submission: a word document to BBLearn. You also need to submit your stories to Safe Assign. Assignments that are not submitted to Safe Assign will NOT be accepted or graded.


Learning outcomes:

  1. Define the term “news”.
  2. Describe the process of news gathering.
  3. Apply the basic principles of news writing.
  4. Explain the concept of a “Multi-Platform News Environment”.
  5. Describe the concepts of ethics and law as they apply to the governing of news reporting and editing.



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