Fashion buying report

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Produce a report for your Buying Director and Buying Team. You will be instructed to analyse a current range of products. You are required to produce an informative report summarising current performance and provide a strategy for future trading of this range. It should incorporate the following;

• Appraisal for the current market situation for the product type.
• Competitor analysis of this product type giving consideration to two competitors.
• Appraisal of the current product range. (price, trend, fit, quality, size offer etc)
• Identify lessons learnt and missed opportunities.
•This will allow you to produce a proposal for what can be learnt from this range and how this could be taken through to next year’s Autumn/Winter or Spring/Summer range.

It is important to give consideration to the visual presentation of your report as a report of this nature could be used within presentations to senior management teams within the company.

Word count for this report is 2,500 words.3 of 7

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