external interference in the internal affairs of a state

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Please make sure you explicitly state the aims, argument, and structure of your work in the first paragraph of the essay. please make sure that you clarify what exactly your argument is, and how it relates to the question. Don’t be VAGUE.

Writing guide

Essay: Structure
• 2,500 words
• Introduction (150-200)
• Main Body (2100)
• Conclusion (150-200)
• Bibliography (not Included in word count)
• References: Harvard system counts towards word count; footnotes don’t

Common Mistakes
• Misreading/not answering the question/making up a question without prior agreement

• Too much detail/not enough analysis or argument

• Assertions without evidence

When marking essays, lecturers will consider:
the extent to which you demonstrate a capacity to analyse your chosen topic;

the extent to which the remit of the assignment has been met;

the range of research and collation of information and material;

the structure and coherence of the argument;

the clarity and accuracy with which ideas are expressed;

the selection and correct attribution of sources in support of an argument


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