Examines how Blood Meridian adheres to a specific convention of the Western and how it deviates.

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Argues a complex thesis that
Subdivides the convention into analytical categories (i.e. forms, features, facets, functions, trends etc.)
Compares and contrasts the convention in 2+ films (similarities and differences)
Identifies where innovation emerges from within conventionality in 3+ passages from Blood Meridian
Organizes itself according to analytical categories (rather than by passages, films, characters etc.)
Grows increasingly complex in its comparisons & analyses (no anticlimaxes!)
Establishing conventions first before contrasting them with innovations in the genre/novel (recommended)
Offers 4+ extended rhetorical analyses of specific scenes/passages (~paragraph length)
Effectively integrates 15+ citations
8+ direct quotes (especially your extended rhetorical analysis)
3+ from the The Western Reader
3+ from the Blood Meridian criticism folder (AB #4 sources)
Has a Works Cited with 8+ source

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