Evaluating Intervention Models

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Evaluating Intervention Models

You and your clients are unique individuals, and the therapeutic relationship you establish with each client is unlike any other. As you apply your experience with and your knowledge of intervention models to create a treatment plan, the plan is likely to be unique too. Considering the variety of intervention models and the variety of individuals engaged in therapeutic relationships, it is reasonable to assume that there is no one perfect plan.

In spite of the many choices you may make as you develop a treatment plan for a client, a basic understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of each type of intervention and how to apply each should inform your decisions. In this Discussion, you apply your understanding of intervention models to a case example, and explain why you select a particular intervention model over others that are available.

To prepare, review the therapist-client meetings in the “Family Therapy Vignettes” video located in the Learning Resources and select one client (Alice, Rick, or Sara) to address in your post. As you review the video, consider which of the intervention models highlighted in this week’s Learning Resources would be most suitable for the client you selected. The intervention models highlighted this week are interventions based on either cognitive-behavioral or solution-focused theories, as well as motivational interviewing. Be sure to read the additional background information on the family member you are addressing as this information may inform your decision. (This background information is provided in the “Family Therapy Vignettes” video.)

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 the name of the client vignette you selected (Alice, Rick, or Sara) from the video and a brief summary of an intervention model described in this week’s Learning Resources that you consider to be the best model to use in this particular situation. Explain why this intervention model is best for the client, justifying its advantages over the other models. Also, be specific about how you would apply the intervention model you selected.

Please note: You may describe a combination of intervention models if you decide this is what is best for the situation you have selected; however, indicate which model is the primary model and be sure to describe this model in the most detail.

watch the video.


Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources, citing all references in APA format.

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