Etihad Airway’s Phenomenal Growth

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It’s 2016 and Etihad Airway’s phenomenal growth has seen it grow to fly to new destinations across the world. Working as part of the Commercial Team, your team has come up with a new idea to take Etihad’s growth and name into a new destination. You have all been working on an idea to make Auckland a new destination for Etihad to fly to. Your manager has just informed you that the VP of Commercial loves the idea and but would like more details before presenting the idea to CEO. The VP and has asked your to prepare a pitch on the product details and what Etihad needs to do to bring it to the market. You need to prepare a pitch to present to the VP of Product Development, covering:

1. Project Plan • List of the key activities that need take place to get your service ready to launch • Estimated timeline for each activity • Key stakeholders • SWOT analysis • Project objectives • Key milestones


2. Marketing Plan • Key target customers of this product • A product name and slogan to share with customers • Communication • PR events • Story board for an advert (any media)


3. Financial Plan (Budget) • Breakdown of all costs per activity • State which of the following business areas the money should be included in: i. Learning and Growth ii. Customer Service iii. Internal Business Process iv. Finance • This should be presented in excel with charts, graphs and formulas where applicable • Return on investment


4. Sales Plan • Market segmentation • Forecasted revenue • Price of product 5. Products and Services Plan • Services which will be offered • Products which will be offered • Training required for staff • Aircraft type recommendations • Aircraft configuration.



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