Essay on the role of Ideology

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Students will write a 1,500 word academic essay assessing the role of Ideology as a tool of analysis and interpretation of visual culture. Is this method of analysis and interpretation still valid today? You are expected to engage with relevant literature, as covered throughout the unit, and bring in case study examples in your answer and to use Harvard referencing.
Essay Checklist:
*Please use resources from any of the textbooks below:
Evans, J & Stuart, H. eds. (1999) Visual Culture: the Reader. London: Sage. Fiske, J. (2011) Introduction to Communication Studies, 3rd Edition, London:
Hartley, J (2011) Communication, Culture and Media Studies: The Key Concepts, 4th Edition, London: Routledge
Kromm, J. & Bakewell, S. eds. (2010) A History of Visual Culture, Oxford, New York: Berg
Page 3 of 4

Mirzoeff, N. ed. (2002) The Visual Culture Reader. 2nd ed. London: Routledge. Williamson, J. (1978) Decoding Advertisements: Ideology and Meaning in
Advertising, London: Marion Boyars

*Use two recent examples from a (ONE) form of Ideology. (VERY IMPORTANT)
*Use resources from Google Scholar and JSTOR.
*Use relevant theories (VERY IMPORTANT)


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