Essay based on academic literature.

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For this assignment, you will write an essay based on academic literature. Choose one of the following three questions:


  1. Can news be neutral and objective?

Discuss what these concepts entail by drawing on academic literature about how achievable they are. Present examples of how the impression of neutrality and objectivity is maintained in news.


  1. ‘News is a mirror to reality’.

Agree or disagree with this statement. Base yourself on academic literature regarding representation and issues with news-making.


  1. Explain how celebrities and tabloids have a symbiotic relationship.

In answering this question, use academic literature to discuss how tabloids and celebrities relate to each other, and paparazzi and invasion of privacy v. freedom of speech.


Formal requirements:

  1. Draw on no less than 6 academic sources.
  2. Use correct, complete and consistent in-text referencing and a bibliography.
  3. Format your essay in Times New Roman 12pt, justified, and double spaced.
  4. Wordcount: 1000 words, meaning minimum 900, and maximum 1100.
  5. Include an introduction and a conclusion, and use subsections to structure your essay.



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