Environmental Management for Sustainable Development

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Module Title:Environmental Management for Sustainable Development
Programme:BSc (Honours) Oil and Gas Management

Format:An assignment consisting of a written report of 2,000 words
A reflective log consisting of 500 words
Any special requirements:All work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with a Turnitin Report.Word Limit:2,000 words for the assignment
Reflective log of 500 words(both with 10% plus or minus leeway)
Deadline date for submission:The deadline date for submission of the report and the reflective log is 5pm on Sunday 29th March 2015
Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment

1. Demonstrate an understanding of the international economic, environmental, legal and social-political issues surrounding environmental management and sustainability development.

2. Critically analyse alternative means available to ensure the sustainable development of transport systems.

3. Reflect on Personal Development Planning.
Percentage of marks awarded for module:
This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the module
Reflective log is worth 10% of the total marks for the module

Assessment criteria
Explanatory comments on the assessment criteria Maximum marks for each section
Content, style, relevance, originality Relevant, accurate content, demonstrating research, as required by the Assessment Task.
Great emphasis will be placed on originality – work that is clearly student’s own.
Format, referencing, bibliography
Full text referencing and bibliography using the Harvard citation method
Constructive critical analysis, introduction, conclusion
Demonstrating the ability to critically analyse and/or evaluate the subject area. Emphasis will be placed on the ability to triangulate introduction, discussions and conclusion. Higher marks will be given to those that are able to introduce issues for further exploration.
Assignment Task
Environmentally Friendly Sustainable Transport System

As an environmental consultant, your role is to provide guidelines and information on issues related to the impact of the current or existing transportation systems of the Greater London region, on the environment, and the local population, in particular.
You are presently advising on the replacement of the current transport system. Analyse and discuss how these impacts can be prevented, if not, minimised. At the same time, discuss the most efficient approach in implementing renewable energy systems such as biofuel production and electricity generation that might be used for a new transport system. The new system should confirm to sustainability in relation to economic, social, and environmental issues. By doing so, you may need to establish a monitoring scheme and an enforcement programme.
Provide a critical analysis related to the present system:
 Harmful Waste Materials
 Air Pollution
 Noise
 Land Take
Your recommendations for the new sustainable environmentally friendly transport system should be based on evidences presented within the report.
Breakdown of marks for the assessment

Assessment Criteria Total marks available (%)
Application 20
Content, originality 20
Critical Analysis 30
Recommendations 10
Referencing, Bibliography 10
Overall presentation and structure 10
100 (Total)

Assignment outline
Your work must be presented in a report format (2,000 words). It is important that your report is properly structured. Remember that this assignment account for 50% of your module assessment. Hence, poor performance will have a big impact on your overall module grade. An executive summary is not necessary in a report of this size.
Your report should include references to the appropriate environmental management for sustainability and development literature (textbooks, journals and websites) as well as appropriate sources related to the oil industry. Care should be taken when consulting websites, they are not all equally authoritative (for example Wikipedia is not peer-reviewed; therefore is not considered an

academic reference website). A minimum of 5 different academic references must be cited, but a well-researched report is likely to cite many more.
You are advised to keep a back-up copy of the report until you receive your grade and regularly back-up your work on a computer storage (Dropbox and GoogleDrive are good examples). A disk crash is not an acceptable reason for late submission.

It is recommended that you review the requirements of the assignment before submitting your work.
Reflective Log – this should be 500 words in length and must address your reflection of your learning on the Environmental Management for Sustainable Development module. You should consider how your studies on this module has helped you with your academic progression (using the examples of skills which you have developed upon is suggested; please ensure that you use appropriate examples and reflect upon them).

Your Reflective Log must be submitted separately from your assignment.
Instructions for the Reflective Log
When writing your reflection you must consider what you have experienced (for example, an academic skill), think about what happened (be clear about how this happened during the module), then detail what you have learned from the experience and how this improved skill will help with your continued studies.
Showing that you understand that of your self-improvement is very important for your reflective writing (self-improvement: learning from experiences and wanting to improve some area of your life).

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