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Webmonkey is a Web development portal site operated by Wired.com. Among other resources, it has a series of tutorials, including a very interesting hands-on Internet-based tutorial on the creation of information architectures (IA) for websites. It is organized in five parts and you can access the tutorial [Retrieved March 2, 2011] at

http://www.webmonkey.com/2010/02/information_architecture_tutorial/ or http://www.webmonkey.com/tutorials/

Your overall assignment is to follow the steps in this tutorial to develop a design document for a website to support students in the BSITM Program as they move through it from the first courses to the last.

The goal of your project is to use the “information architectures” process to put together the best design you can. You may interpret the phrase “support students in the BSITM Program” in whatever ways seem most appropriate to you. What would you consider to be a helpful and supportive website? You are encouraged to be creative and imaginative; obviously, there isn’t any one “correct” design. The purpose of the IA process is to give you some structure as you create your design.

Read through the Overview and Lesson 1, and carry out the first steps: goals definition for the website. The lesson outlines a series of questions to structure your goals.

This part of the tutorial concludes:

“Document the goals of the site and publish them where everyone in both your client’s organization and your own can see them… summarize the list and write a few paragraphs about the goals. A simple summary will do.”

Your “publication” consists of submitting your “list and paragraphs” in report form as your assignment.

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