Empowering Users of Health and Social Care Services

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Introduction and background notes (vocational context)

You are a care worker in a residential home in the borough of Bexley. The service provider has

recently hired new care workers. Your line manager wants you to organise a week of induction for

them. The induction will include information on how to better empower service users using health

and social care services in order to maximise their independence. It is then essential for you as a

health and social care worker and all the new care workers to understand that the service they

deliver will enable service users to participate in the decisions that are made about their lives.

Understand how the design and review of services promotes and maximises the
rights of users of health and social care services.

At the start of the induction week Day 1, your care manager wants you to provide an information
pack. In the information pack the objective is to provide information for the new care workers how
services can empower service users within the setting.


1.1 Explain how current legislations and sector skills influence organisational policies and
practices for promoting and maximising the rights of users of health and social care.

1.2 Analyse factors that promote and maximizes the rights of users of health and social care.

1.3 Analyse how communication between care workers and service users contribute to
promoting and maximising the rights of service users of health and social care services.

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