Employees behavior

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Answer all Five (5) questions.

Submission Requirements
All sentences must be grammatically correct, and free from spelling errors.
Your answer for questions 1 to 4 should not exceed 250 words.
Your answer for question 5 should not exceed 500 words.
Submit a Single Microsoft Word Document.
Font: Times New Roman, Size 12, Double-Space.
Cite all references used in APA format.

Do employees behave differently in a flat versus a hierarchical organizational structure? Explain your answer.

Do employee personality types differ between hierarchical and flat organizations?

What is difficult about policy implementation in a flat organization? What is difficult about policy implementation in a hierarchical organization?

How do you overcome employee apathy toward policy compliance?

Create a policy framework implementation plan for the fictional Specialty Medical Clinic (the plan should not be longer than two pages). The Specialty Medical Clinic is being acquired by a larger parent organization under HIPAA compliance law. The parent organization is a hierarchical structure with multiple departments and clinics. The medical clinic is a flat organization. Following is an outline of those areas of the plan you need to include:

Parent Medical Clinic
Acquires Specialty Medical Clinic

Publish Your Policies for the New Clinic
{Explain your strategy.}

Communicate Your Policies to the New Clinic Employees
{How are you going to do this?}

Involve Human Resources and Executive Management
{How do you do this smoothly?}

Incorporate Security Awareness and Training for the New Clinic
{How can you make this fun and engaging?}

Release a Monthly Organization-Wide Newsletter for All
{How can you make this newsletter succinct?}

Implement Security Reminders on System Logon Screens for All
{This is for access to sensitive systems only.}

Incorporate Ongoing Security Policy Maintenance for All
{Review and obtain feedback from employees and policy-compliance monitoring.}

Obtain Employee Questions or Feedback for Policy Board
{Review and incorporate into policy edits and changes as needed.}

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