Effective Group Discussion

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Please read below chapters and write a paper.

Effective Group Discussion: Theory and Practice

Chapter 7 “Leading Small Groups: Theoretical Perspectives” (pp. 179-207)

Chapter 8 “Leading Small Groups: Practical Tips” (pp. 209-238)

Chapter 11 “Managing Conflict in the Small Group” (pp. 313-347)

Do not use any reference outside from the textbook below. To access the reading material, go to below link https://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/vb_home.php?FVCUSNO=30113 and then login ID [email protected] PW dmsdud94 after login click the digital contents that located below login button.

Written Assignment

Even though you will have done a substantial amount of reading for this assignment, the related written portion should be relatively easy to complete. For each of the three chapters you have read, if you could give only one piece of advice to a prospective member of a problem-solving or decision-making group:

You need to write a paper based on below questions.

1.What would it be?

2.On what do you base it? and

3.Why do you feel that following it would have desirable consequences either for the individual or the groups in which he or she might have the opportunity to follow your advice?

Develop a written document of no more than 500 words, in which you respond to the three questions above for each piece of advice. Remember, you are to develop one piece of advice, make clear the basis for it, and explain why you think that following it would have positive consequences. Do this for each of the three chapters.

Expected Outcome

By doing the assigned reading and written exercise for this lesson, you should be better prepared to enter problem-solving and decision-making discussions and participate in them in several respects.

First, you will understand that leadership is as much your responsibility and that of the other members as it is the responsibility of the person appointed as leader.
Second, should you be appointed leader of a problem-solving or decision-making group, you will have a good grasp of what is expected in the way of preparation for the task and its execution.
Finally, you should be better equipped to distinguish between conflict that is beneficial and conflict that is injurious. In short, you will know when to encourage (or perhaps even instigate) conflict, when to let it ride, and when to try to minimize it.

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