Economics Reserarch Paper – Australian Inflation, Employment & Monetary Policy

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Three parts (a, b & c) extensive research required.

(a) Explain whether there is a relationship between inflation and unemployment. Should government interfere and reduce inflation and unemployment? Provide real life examples. (8 marks)

(b) Using your home country(Ausralia) as a case study outline and analyse inflation, unemployment and growth trends (these need to be fairly current). Identify what range of the aggregate supply curve your country is operating in. (10 marks)

(c) Explain how monetary policy can influence an economy, including the exchange rate and employment levels (Reference to Australian Monetary Policy valuable) (8 marks)

Although I have said a UK writer I want someone to write specifically on Australian Economics at a Masters level and use resources from Australia.
Research should be books, journal articles and reports. The Textbook we are using is Economics for Today by Allan Layton, Tim Robinson and Irvin Tucker so needs to ensure the theory goes back to content in that book. I can do some research if that is necessary, however looking for the writer to do this if possible.
Also the essay needs to have economical graphical representation to support the information, if this can be included and also any Appendices to support the information.

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