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While referring to the “EYE on YOUR LIFE” section on page 470 of the textbook, access the Serendip website to play “The Prisoners’ Dilemma” game by searching for the following Internet link with your Internet browser:

Read and follow the rules at this website, keeping in mind that a fiendish cyberspace wizard has locked you and Serendip into a diabolical game which you have no other choice but to play. Yes, it may sound a bit dramatic, but have fun playing the game with Serendip.

Discuss and post your game results by explaining whether you received more gold coins than Serendip. How many games did you play? How many games did you win and how many games did you and Serendip tie? What was your game strategy while playing the game? Did you cooperate more often than not? Did you compete more often than not? Did the wizard issue you an Inconceivably Foul Fate?

Finally, discuss and share how much fun you had playing this game, and how you enjoyed this change-of-pace from previous Discussion Sessions assigned in this course. Since this is our last Discussion Session, don’t forget to respond to the comments from your fellow classmates; and thank each other for their participation in the class, and wish each other the best of luck in the future with their academic and career aspirations.


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