Dyslexia as a processing difference.

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Essay topic:
“Dyslexia is processing difference; it can affect cognition such as memory, speed of processing, time management, co-ordination and directional aspects” ( Dr Gavin Reid 2011)

Things to cover in essay:
1. What have we learned form research that supports this statement?
2. Does it help us to understand the processing differences in different dyslexics
3. Evaluate the effectiveness of approaches to overcoming processing differences in school and society.

Essay outline:

Introduction: discuss cognitive processing (what is it, how it it a difference?)

Section 1:
• What is the affect processing has on dyslexics?
• How does it affect cognition in each of the following:
-speed of processing
-time management
-co-ordination and directional aspects

Section 2: Dyslexia Theories
What are the key theories behind processing (theoretical)
What are the current theories around processing?

Section 3: What is the relationship between research and practice?

Section 4:
How do these theories apply to your own practice as a specialist dyslexic teacher?



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