Diversity issues that African Americans have faced with in the Natural Sciences and the Military

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Essay on diversity issues that African Americans have faced with in the Natural Sciences and the Military.

In the essay, you will compare and contrast the experiences that diverse groups have in the military and the natural science professions (STEM).
• Create a research topic/question that will allow you to compare and contrast the treatment, prejudices faced, and challenges encountered in the organizations experienced by African Americans, both in the military and in the STEM fields.

• Create a detail how you will examine these two institutions’ approach African Americans. Be objective; use facts and data from your research. Cover one and then the other, then compare and contrast the facts you have located. How are the two institutions’ approaches to or treatment of your group alike, and how are they dissimilar?

• Show the unequal treatment of your group by both institutions. Ex: (Your chosen group makes up 50% of the U.S population, but only 10% of those with terminal STEM degrees and only 20% of officers in the Army. (Johnson, 2013)

• Discuss how the covert or overt policies (that limit the participation of African Americans and minorities) can ultimately be detrimental to the whole country.

• List four academic resources you will be using, one for each perspective. Give complete APA style references for each.

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