Dissertation in international marketing/ brand managment

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Dissertation area of research and focus
Around 300 words illustrating the area of research you propose to do dissertation in. Although it is understandable that the topic of research may vary while work on it, but it would be most beneficial at this stage to be as specific as possible and to identify:
a. A working title (Evolution and mutation of luxury fashion brands)
b. The area you wish to develop your dissertation in (international marketing/ brand management);
c. The focus or research question you intend to address (internationalisation/unique positioning
something interesting about fashion brands (luxury or high end));
d. Up to 4 key words that are distinctive and important for your dissertation (e.g. corporate brand, brand management, international marketing, corporate communication);
e. Minimum Four academic references (from academic peer-reviewed journals only in Harvard style) you have read to familiarise yourself with the area.

ill give example of Chanel to explain what do I mean:
Nowadays the purchase cost for producer is so low that many factories that use to produce shoes for Chanel doesn’t want to do it anymore (because they don’t make any money, and only for reputation not everybody want to work). That fact didn’t convince Chanel to raise amount of money they are ready to pay to production, they decided to give it to the factory, that excepted their price proposal (sure it wasn’t the best quality). So, now the shoes of Chanel doesn’t have a quality that they use to have. People would realize it after some while and it might cost disappointment of the brand. So, it could turns out that the savings can result in the loss of some customers. Does the savings worth it?

Another example of Chanel: one of the last advertisement of Chanel are very provocative and aggressive. Torn pantyhose, red lipstick, defiant/ provocative/ evokes image. That doesn’t fit the original/classic view of Chanel. Like that Chanel probably trying to bring new type of clients. But it could have a bad effect on the brand image and clients that’s are looking for “classic” Chanel.


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