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After reviewing the readings and lessons for this module, post your response to the following:

Watch the film Mildred Pierce and note how the director uses flashbacks. What are the explicit effects of several of these significant flashbacks? How does the director Michael Curtiz signal the use of a flashback? Note changes in lighting, focus, sounds or other signals.

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Discussion Rubric
Shares thoughts, ideas, and opinions clearly and effectively
A clear focus extends throughout the post and illustrates a main point or set of main arguments
Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the topic
Includes specific details with references to the text where needed
Demonstrates an excellent understanding of the larger significance (answers the “so what” question)
Concise with a specific focus
Opening successfully grabs the reader’s attention
Tone engages the reader in a constructive way
Uses language that is appropriate for the post
Spelling and grammar are correct
Comment refers to post
Is constructive and thoughtful
Adds a new idea (either by refining the post’s idea, disagreeing with it, building on it, etc.)
Appropriate spelling, grammar and punctuation used

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