CSSGB Primer and CSSGB Solution Manual

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Control Concepts. Specific review/prerequisite knowledge for this assignment includes basic quality principles, math, and statistics. In 1-2 page each, research and prepare the following. Think of them as essays or mini-reports. Using the data in the Control Charts spreadsheet, create an appropriate chart for the data at the problems tabs. Use software or do it by hand. Plot the data that was used to create the chart on the chart. Analyze the results, e.g., is the process in control, if not, what is the problem? Following are details about each data set.

  1. Moving x-bar: create and moving x-bar and range chart (or s chart, there is no need to do both r and s).


  1. p chart: Create either a proportion chart, a percent chart, or an np chart. Create only one chart but supply the central line and control limits for the other two types. The chart would look the same for all three but the central line and control limits would be labeled differently.



  1. c chart: Create a c chart.


  1. u chart: Create a u chart.



  1. Collect you own data for at least one of the preceding charts. Describe the situation and the results of its use, e.g., why the chart was created, what were the results of its use.

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