Conformin/rebelling to the false expectations associated with the American Dream.

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James Truslow Adams, in the final chapter of his book The Epic of America, coins a term that is perhaps one of the most ingrained convictions of Americans consciousness: the American dream-the idea that in America, every individual is able ti achieve their highest potential without hindrance regardless of their background or socioeconomic standing.

Write 8 page argumentative (persuasive ) research paper on the general theme of “conforming/rebelling to the false expectations associated with the American Dream.” Throughout this short semester we have explored readings (in attachment) that center on “conforming/rebelling” while also touching on topics such as gender, race, culture and socioeconomic division.

Determine how these topics relate to the American Dream and whether the dream is applicable to our modern 2015 experience. Focus on one general classification of people found within present society and determine whether or not that particular group is conforming to societies expectations or rebelling against societies fixed standards.
Must include at least 3 readings in attachments and Mercer County Community College library or library website to support your position. Please use quotes NO paraphrasing.



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