Complex social work practice

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This essay needs to address the criteria specifically and appropriately to Australia.
This also needs to be on Families and Children in relation to Complexity.

Assessment Task 2: Complex social work practice

Due Date: 27th May 2014

Choose an area of social work practice covered in the unit.

• Outline your understanding of this area of practice, how and why it is complex.

• Identify relevant policies important to this area of practice – include government and community policies

• Discuss 2 theoretical approaches which help you explain the complexities of this area of practice.

• Critically analyse the role of the social worker in this area of practice, ethical dilemmas, contradictions and conflicts that may arise.

• You will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of the topics and readings covered in the unit so far and to use references from the prescribed texts as well as the reading list and others that support your argument

Word Limit: 2500 words

Value: 60% of total mark

Estimated return date: 3 – 4 weeks following submission

Marking Criteria:

Marking Criteria Value

Complex social work practice analysis 20%
Relevant policies 15%
Theoretical analysis 30%
Role of the social worker critical analysis 15%
Demonstrate knowledge of topics and readings (Minimum of 8 text references from unit reading list) 20%
TOTAL 100%

Electronic Reading List for SWK4031
The reading list can be found on the library website.

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