comparative employment relations

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‘It is not possible to understand national employment relations without also understanding how a

country’s employment system is understood in relation to that of other countries and international

institutions.’ Critically appraise this statement with respect to your understanding of comparative

employment relations and international institutions (particularly the ILO).

This is a question that seeks to understand the extent to which we can understand employment

relations from a country specific perspective. Thus you will be required to engage with the value

and problems associated with comparative employment relations and the impact of international

institutions, in particular the ILO.

All work must be thoroughly grounded in the literature, must draw on comparative data, must

defend choice of comparators, and be thoroughly referenced using the Harvard form of

referencing. In your work check that you: demonstrate key concepts, directly address the question

and demonstrate evidence of relevant reading and critical understanding. Also you should show:

the ability to evaluate contrasting viewpoints, independence of thought and argument, evidence of

a well-constructed and argued piece of work and evidence of a correct writing style.


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