company analysis

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they have 90 employees, with 400 Euro salary. They own 15 cars and 15 trucks.
They use the cars to make marketing of the company, and the trucks to ship the beverages that they own. The cost of trucks and cars that they use for the company is 10 000 Euro.
They told me that in the last year they had 26 Milion Euro traffic.

You should do analysis in the company. Start to write the assignment. Do analysis based on the IS Success model.IS Success model provides you with the scope.
Do interviews and observation. Check weak points, detect problems that the employees face during the operations. Find opportunities.
How the company detect trucks location? Do they need optimization?
Do they have IS related to the customers? IS are computerized or paper-based?
You should find problem/opportunity and then find solution. The solution should be IS implementation, either ready-made (Oracle,SAP) or home-made. On-line ordering is part of e-commerce, therefore you should focus on e-commerce.
OK. Start to write the assignment. Analyse according the Porter’s 5 forces. Then do analysis of the existing IS according to the IS Success model. Then, choose one method (BABOK) that you find the most appropriate and explain why you think so.

Assignment content: 1. Executive summary (each bullet “a-d” should be one sentence long) a. Description of the company b. The problem that was detected c. The solution to the problem d. General recommendation and state the urgency 2. Introduction/Identify problem(s) a. Shortly describe the company b. Describe the industry (5 forces – Porter) c. Identify problem(s) in the company that you work for or you have access to relevant information, related to the specific domain (ERP, SCM,CRM, KM, Cloud) d. State the methods that you use to identify the problem e. Provide evidence to support the identified problem f. Discuss outcomes based on student critical thinking g. State limitations h. State assumptions i. Conclude with general statement that summarizes the previous points 3. Solution(s) a. Based on the theory, propose solution(s) to the stated problems b. Present theory that clearly identifies solution(s) to the problem(s) 4. Recommendation(s) a. For each of the problems that are stated in the section “Identify problem” recommend a solution(s) and rationale for the decision b. Recommend next steps 5. Conclusion a. Reference the problem and summarize only key points b. State the significance of the solution to the company c. Other factors that should be taken into account d. Put wider context of the topic and solution e. Do not repeat in this section text from the previous sections 6. References a. Use Harvard referencing system b. Put references and bibliography ardReferencingAndBibliographies.pdf
General remarks – Assignment should be 8-10 pages long – Table of content is subject to change depending on the topic – Recommended formatting is Arial 10 point or times New Roman 12 point font – Write in concise manner


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