CIPS (Chareted Instituete of Procurement & Supply) Integrative assignement

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This assignment is related to CIPS (Chareted Institute If Procurement and Sipply) programme. Please follow the format and scoring of the assignment guidelines (attached) in addition to the following notes:

1. Follow the corporate award program assignment guidelines (attached).

2. Essay should include at least 1 type of analysis such as PESTLE analysis. SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces model, The Kraljic Matrix. Essay should be unique and related to Contracts as I am working in contracts department.

3. Essay should also cover the syllabus stated in the attachment.

4. Using the set of the terms and conditions attached.

5. Use primary and secondary research.

6. Explain the problem/situation, how it occurred and how to solve the problem/situation.

7. DO NOT GENERALISE. USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES. Explain details and recommendations for the precise example.

8. Select an area of expenditure on a product, service or works related to GASCO company in the UAE. (a GAS processing Company) for example IT services , HVAC maintenance . BE PRECISE/ DETAILED IN YOUR RESEARCH.

9. Use relevant references (at least 7 references). You can use the references listed in page 3 of the Practitioner CA Handouts (attached).

10. Use the supplier positioning matrix (i.e. whether developments, core, nuisance, or exploitable).

11. EVALUATE, highlight STRENGTHS & WEAKNESSES and then RECOMMEND using justifications.

12. COVER all the Syllabus in the attached slides: Driving value through procurement and supply, Managing expenditures, Developing contracts, Sourcing essentials , Negotiation in procurement and supply.


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