Case study;Project management

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On 23 August 1993 at the launch of the first submarine, HMAS Collins, several dignities spoke but the only words that people recalled were those of Don Williams: ‘We’ve launched on time and on budget, so put that in your pipe and smoke it’.
Sometimes what is presented in public does not have the total view of the state the project.

A. As the (not real) Project Director at that time you are required to write a 2300 word report to the Director-General Submarines commenting on the traditional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Cost, Quality and Time. Ensure you include a recommendation and conlusion.

In your report include discussion on the interrelation of the KPIs and the status of the project. Comment on non-traditional KPIs and how they may apply to this project. Non-traditional KPIs may include but are not limited to things like Australian Industry involvement, environment and heritage factors, Industrial relations, Work Health and Safety etc.

B. As an attachment to the report revisit risks identified in assignment Two and include five new risks in any knowledge area (ie total 14 risks) and populated Resource 2002 – Risk Matrix.

This requires you to complete the first tab in the excel spread sheet provided. Use your judgement in this aspect. Complete the risk description and consider the consequence and likelihood of the risk and adjust accordingly. The assessed risk level should automatically adjust if you have not delinked it. Then populate the risk treatment and assess the new likelihood of the risk happening. The residual risk should also automatically adjust. Complete this for all 14 risks that you have identified. Save your risk register and attach it to your assignment.
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