Canadian Economic Problems

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Length: 8 to 10 pages of text, plus relevant charts, tables, diagrams

Topic: For this assignment I want you to research either the policy side or the
factual or theoretical background of a Canadian economic problem or
phenomenon of your choice. Any of the topics we=re doing in class would be
acceptable, or other topics – though it might be a good idea to run other topics by
me (sooner rather than later).

Policy Papers:

You will want to explain the nature of the problem or phenomenon you are
interested in, including some explanation of why it is a problem or policy issue.

You will then want to look at what policy or policies have been tried in the past,
what policies have been tried or proposed or argued for (the mix will vary
depending upon what topic you choose). Depending upon how much there is to
it, you might want to economize on space here by concentrating on current
debates or even just a part of the debate.

If you can find factual or theoretical evidence or arguments in favour of one policy
approach or another, you could include that in concluding what you think the best
approach might be.

Background Papers:

For this I want you to research the facts or data relevant to a Canadian
economic problem or phenomenon of your choice. Depending on your topic you
might want more straightforward statistical information that illustrates a situation,
or you might need to find a more analytical study that has manipulated the
statistics to examine how or why something is happening.

Alternatively, you could present a theoretical discussion of the problem, with
appropriate theoretical diagrams illustrating the analysis.

I want you to explain your topic (with some analysis or reference to theory),
present the data or further theoretical analysis, and explain or show how the data
or analysis might enlighten us.

See the list on the course outline.

In either case you should use a minimum of three or four different sources. I
would also like to see sources that not too old (say anything published in 2001 or
later) – the data can be from an earlier period, but the presentation should be more
recent, unless it=s a really classic or really really good piece.


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