Business Plan

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write a business plan for a “gift shop that locate in sharjah/ United Arab Emirates ” which sells
fine gifts, figures & dolls /accessories / art work etc.

I found some links that can be helpful: (to do the business plan) and can use it as a reference or any related business plan in the same field

Table of Content: What/by whom
1. Introduction: Reason/Rationale
2. Description of Business (or Organization, if public)
3. Product & Services
4. Market Analysis
5. Sales & Revenue
6. Financials (5 years), if applicable: Pro-forma Income Statement & Balance Sheets (Performance or delivery of Services)
7. Organization (5 years)
8. Exit Plan
9. Appendices: Statistics, Tables, Figures, Pictures, You Tubes etc.…
10. References & Bibliography: Harvard system (*on portal)


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